I am a journeyman carpenter with thirty years in the woodworking trade.  My expertise results from twenty years of full-time employment as the foreman in a woodworking shop.  Naturally driven by an innate love for building, I have proven to be skilled in all aspects of the woodworking trade.  However, cabinetry and custom furniture building is my passion.  I most enjoy and excel in creating dream kitchens for a fraction of the cost one finds at even the popular home improvement stores.  The fact that my work is done as a side business keeps overhead costs down, and yet the quality of my work far outshines the stock cabinets available. I have many renovation projects in the NE Ohio area and often take potential customers to a completed project to see my work first hand.
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I have the ability to envision improved layouts and build the cabinets to fit your space and your needs in a timely manner, thereby limiting the time you are without a functioning kitchen.  I am a certified solid surface countertop fabricator for multiple vendors.  Or, for a more cost-effective option, I build and install laminate counters.
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